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Coral - Arch Support Flip Flops

Level of Arch Support

World's comfiest flip flops?
We certainly think so.

Archies Arch Support Flip Flops are designed by a Physiotherapist from Melbourne, Australia, as an alternative to flat flip flops.

Archies Flip Flops look just like ‘normal’ flip flops, yet provide the same amount of support of a typical orthotic, providing comfort beyond what is thought possible in a regular flip flop.

Once you try Archies Arch Support Flip Flops you will never want to take them off your feet!

Other good stuff you should know about!

Podiatrist Recommended

We are proud to say that we are stocked in over 800 of Australia's leading Podiatrist, Physiotherapist and Health Practices.

Physio Designed

Designed by an Australian Physiotherapist to solve the problems associated with wearing flat flip flops.


Our flip flops are so light you'll barely know you've got them on.

Australian Owned

As Australian as Crocodile Dundee eating a Vegemite sandwich.

Professional Athletes

The choice of flip flops for many of Australia's Professional sporting teams and elite athletes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If they're not for you, you can send them back for free (if in new condition).

Trusted by Experts

Stocked in over 800 of Australia's leading Podiatrist, Physiotherapist and Health Practices

Don't just take our word for it

Ask our customers and their happy feet!

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