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Patent/Registered Design in Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Europe, China, Mexico, Canada, India, USA, and Brazil.

Awards and Media Mentions

Mentioned in Business Insider’s ‘Best Flip Flops in 2021’ as “super comfy flip flops that come at a reasonable price point.”

So What Makes Archies Arch Support Flip Flops So Comfy?

Optimal Arch Support

Your feet carry you around all day, so they need support.

Archie Flip Flops corrects foot posture to improve posture and whole body alignment. Whether you’re standing around for long periods during the day, walking down the beach, or playing an outdoor sport, a comfy pair of flip flops is your best bet.

Mold to Your Feet

The specialized closed-cell foam material immediately senses the shape of your foot and molds itself to it, making for a snug and comfy fit. You’ll never know the uncomfortable feeling of having too large or too small flip-flops again.

Tight Straps

Archie Flip Flops have a tighter strap, so they stay on your feet, and your toes won’t have to keep gripping at the flat base, leading to foot fatigue.

Extremely Light

What’s better than a light and cozy pair of flip flops that don’t flop around noisily?


Forget about tearing or straps coming off. The Archies Flip Flops have a one-piece design to make them more durable and less prone to separating.

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